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Let’s ride hugged

Jury Chechi

“It is a wonderful project because the bike is able to bring great emotions even to disabled people. This project opens up the possibility of pedaling to everyone, also creating an important opportunity for human and professional integration.”

Marzio Bruseghin

“HugBike in its simplicity and uniqueness is brilliant and moving”

Prof. Omar Lapecia Bis

“Hugbike is synonymous with sharing. Sharing the emotion of open spaces, of the freedom to experience precious moments together with the people you love. Thinking about it, it’s like home cooking: sharing moments together that warm your soul. Thanks to the Beyond the Labyrinth Foundation and above all try the Hugbike you will fall in love with it”

Oliver Kirkham

“Once I met the people involved in this project, I immediately understood its beauty. The amount of love involved is proportional to the usefulness and brilliance of this bike. Hugs and love!”

Marco Varisco

“XI di Marca grouping of businessmen and sports friends who have two objectives, the first to support the non-profit world of the Treviso area with funding and fund-raising, the second to raise awareness of public opinion on social issues. HugBike is one of the most exciting projects in which we find ourselves both in the philosophy of sport but also in social inclusion and the ethical entrepreneurial aspect”

HUGBIKE® is a unique tandem.

In fact, the special elongated handlebar allows the driver to sit behind, embracing and securing the passenger sitting in front. HUGBIKE therefore allows people with autism or other disabilities to use the bike, guaranteeing them the gratifying sensation of controlling the bike.

An ethical project

01. Inclusion

Some assembly phases of HUGBIKE see the involvement of children with disabilities in a planning perspective of social and work inclusion.

02. Safety

Riding from the rear seat ensures greater safety, especially if the passenger is a child or an elderly person, because it is protected by the driver's arms.

03. Intimacy

HUGBIKE also offers a particular intimacy in exchanging a chat in complete relaxation with those close to your heart, pedaling embracing each other.

04. Dignity

HUGBIKE® project is linked to Oltre il Labirinto Onlus which has in its vision: protection, safeguard and dignity for people with autism.

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