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This special tandem was born with a double thread that links it to autism: on the one hand it is a tool for everyone, but it certainly offers unique advantages towards disability. Dall’altro i ragazzi autistici seguiti dalla Fondazione trovano in questo progetto una declinazione in ambito lavorativo e di inclusione social. The bicycle is in fact assembled by disabled children (to date we have a work inclusion for autistic children, but it will soon be extended to other disadvantaged subjects). Among the partners we have Banca della Marca, the Il Girasole Cooperative and other important players in the area.

The use of the HUGBIKE® is ideal for those who want to introduce families and small children to cycling in safety and also promote the cycling experience of families who would otherwise be able to ride a bicycle with their child. The HUGBIKE® offers the security of having the child and/or passenger seated in the front, promoting self-esteem and control.

None, except to not exceed a total weight of 177kg. The HUGBIKE® is great for both young and adult passengers. There are no height restrictions, but it is required that the rear rider be able to see over the front rider’s head in order to steer the bike safely.

Yes, the HUGBIKE® is ideal for people with autism, Down syndrome, Asperger’s, Fragile X, visually impaired, hearing impaired and children with cognitive disabilities. Additionally some studies are showing that riding a bicycle can reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Both are connected to the same transmission chain. The pedals work together.

Of course, it is possible to have special seats, cranks for younger children. Other customizations can be evaluated according to needs by the technical office.

To get the list of points of sale you must contact the call center at: +39-339-2245952

Certainly, some bicycles are available in some points of our partners and by booking it is possible to book a test ride.

Yes, by removing the front wheel it is possible to load the HUGBIKE® on a station wagon, Pick up, SUV and van.

Yes, as per current legislation.

If a HUGBIKE® order is canceled before despatch we will offer you a 100% refund. The order, once shipped, can no longer be cancelled.

Contact, specifing your address, we will check for you!

HUGBIKE® is a tandem bicycle and therefore falls within the category of means of transport. It is not a bicycle for the disabled, but it can obviously, as with many other goods, be used by disabled people. Regarding any facilitated treatment, this must be brought back within what is established by the Agenzia delle Entrate and please refer to the page on the web site.

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